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The Ambient Garden

& Down the plot

Community Garden Projects.

ECO therapy. Wellbeing Workshops. Time of Ambience.

Anyone can join. No age limit.

The are two parts:

"Down the Plot" is Children and Family based. 

Down the Plot:  A woody area for out door play and exploration.

A growing  area for fruits and vegetables. 

The Ambient Garden is mainly for Adults though children are able to be with their adult. A growing area for fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers.


Wellbeing Community Project

We know that being outside helps with the mental health.

It can reduce stress, improve mood, reduce depression and anxiety.

It is also a form of exercise.

So has many therapeutic benefits.

Produce grown is shared with those who are part of the project.

Excess food grown will go to those in need. or used in jams and chutneys to raise funds.

This project will be funded by raised funds and grants.

Children's Groups: Plot Explorers, Plot Adventures, Plot Focus.

Photos as we go: it is a from scratch project.

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