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Our Team.

Emotional Support Animal. 


Neo joined us in January 2018 as a training ESA dog to work alongside Nettie.


You can follow him


(Clients can choose to have Neo in the room or not)


I am a qualified Person centred Counsellor. 


I have worked with people experiencing grief, loss, distress in coming to terms with bereavement through CRUISE.

I have worked for MIND with issues including self esteem, anxiety, depression and OCD.


My aim is to help people to realise and harness their own potential in ways that are personally life enhancing and satisfying.


Julia is one of our linked counsellors.


an Integrative Counsellor joined Challenging-Behaviour in March 2018 as a trainee and has since qualified. 

Janine works with Domestic Violence, Depression and Anxiety Adult Clients.

Janine is qualified to work with children.

Janine is a Counsellor for our Charitable organisation Challenging-Behaviour Counselling Wellbeing Foundation. Janine works within our Challenging-Behaviour Counselling & Wellbeing  Foundation Children's Group  work: Martial Arts Kick boxing on a Thursday evening.


My name is Abolanle Aloluwaloba, known as Bola. 


My theory is Person centred also known as Rogerian theory. I am a Qualified Counsellor and a Hypnotherapist with ability to use variety of other counselling theories.


Bola has experience with vulnerable and SEN children and adults.

Bola is a volunteer for Challenging-Behaviour Counselling Wellbeing Foundation as well as being a linked Counsellor


Nadine is a person centred Counsellor and a volunteer for Challenging-Behaviour Counselling Wellbeing Foundation.

Nadine brings experience of disability and carer needs. 

Nadine volunteers for Challenging-Behaviour Counselling Wellbeing Foundation and is a linked Counsellor.

Annotation 2020-04-18 220126.jpg


Angela is a person centred Qualified Counsellor.


Angel is a volunteer for Challenging-Behaviour Counselling Wellbeing Foundation.

Angela works online.


Heather is a volunteer Qualified Counsellor and Private therapist working on Wednesdays at the office.

Heather helps with the children's groups.


Julianne is a relational integrative volunteer trainee Counsellor. Background in psychodynamic and person centred therapy.

Julianna interests are of working with bereavement, pregnancy loss, family relationships and domestic violence and abuse. 


Taylor is an LSA in Primary education. Taylor helps with our children groups.

Taylor supports counsellors in some of our adult group work.

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